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A Weyrwoman's Records
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22nd-Sep-2007 08:45 pm - Meeting Ysolt [ysolt]
What: Josilina's work is interrupted by a strange young woman whose travels and interest in dragons have led her to Igen Weyr to - after some discussion of life and its paths - seek residency.
Where: Balcony, Igen Weyr
Who: Ysolt, Josilina

You don't know me, Josilina. You don't know I tell the truth. You don't know anything, but that I hail from Bitra, and -that- is not entirely any sort of endorsement.Collapse )
21st-Sep-2007 10:57 pm - Chores in the Stores [agyar, maygan, walladru]
What: Walladru happens upon Jos in the stores, and gives her a hand; they're joined by Agyar, delivering a scroll, and Magyan, who's searching for some cloth for her doll. Jos tries to make friends, with only marginal success, while Walladru cleans the shelves and makes small-talk with stuffies.
Where: Stores, Igen Weyr.
Who: Walladru, Josilina, Agyar, Maygan

Maygan's eyes wander towards Walladru again, going wider as she hears a 'grown up' talking to a toy.Collapse )
21st-Sep-2007 10:30 pm - Old Faces, New Locale [kassima]
What: Josilina runs into Kassima, new-transfered to Igen Weyr, and the two chat briefly about their new home.
Where: Igen Weyr Lake Shore
Who: Kassima, Josilina

The sand *breeds*.Collapse )
14th-Sep-2007 07:55 pm [devany, laynard, ywain]
What: Early days at Igen, Josilina meets some new faces and runs into one that's at least vaguely familiar. Conversation topics include rocks, family, and getting Ywain a girl.
Where: Igen Weyr Living Cavern.
Who: Devany, Josilina, Ywain, and Laynard.

Do they often lick eggs at High Reaches?Collapse )
14th-Sep-2007 06:25 pm - Beli Arrives [beli]
I'm trying to catch up on log editing and posting, so when a bunch of kind of old logs pops up on here... that's why. In fact, here's one!

What: Not long after her own transfer to Igen Weyr, Josilina discovers her niece has moved to the desert as well, bringing all her eccentricities with her.
Where: Igen Weyr, Entrance Field.
Who: Josilina and Beli.

Your hairline is positively divine, you know.Collapse )
2nd-Aug-2007 10:49 am - Lanisa's Promotion [a'zric, lanisa]
Who: Josilina, Lanisa, A'zric.
Where: Igen's lakeshore.
When: July 19, 2007 (day 21, month 10, Turn 12, IC time.)
What: Josilina's barely settled into her new digs before deciding to start wreck havoc - that is, promote Lanisa to Weyrsecond. There are some interesting revelations about parentage, as well, and they are eventually joined by A'zric, and families are further discussed.

Oh, I get it. Z'nal's putting a joke on, eh?Collapse )
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