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A Weyrwoman's Records
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Beli Arrives 
14th-Sep-2007 06:25 pm [beli]
I'm trying to catch up on log editing and posting, so when a bunch of kind of old logs pops up on here... that's why. In fact, here's one!

What: Not long after her own transfer to Igen Weyr, Josilina discovers her niece has moved to the desert as well, bringing all her eccentricities with her.
Where: Igen Weyr, Entrance Field.
Who: Josilina and Beli.

Logfile from PernMUSH.

You head down the staircase to the living cavern.

Igen Weyr Living Cavern(#600RJMQ$)

Meal Table

Obvious exits:
Bowl STairs Records Room INFirmary Kitchen Inner Caverns

Still-unfamiliar territory leads to a round-about route, and it's clear the Acting Weyrwoman has somewhere she'd like to be, and it's not the living cavern, as she rushes through, calling out an apology as someone's toes are trod on.

You walk out into the Bowl.

Igen Weyr Main Entrance Field
Activity surrounds the Igen Weyr Bowl, especially so close to the Living Caverns. A road runs beneath the huge cliffs which form the southeastern section of the Igen Weyr Bowl. The wall opens here in three places, the middle one leading to the Living Cavern, and through it, the Inner Caverns. The northernmost one is the largest, being the Infirmary for both dragons and humans. The ground is solid and rocky and, in the brightest sun, glares uncomfortably. At the moment, long streamers of brightly dyed cloth have been slung between poles in even spacings aroung the field. Atop each pole is a decorative ribbon to give a colourful invitation to the Living Caverns, and a friendly greeting to all who pass through the area.

To the north the path continues, winding its way past the hatching grounds (off the Weyrling Training Fields) to eventually leave the bowl. Cutting across the bowl to the northwest brings you to the center of the bowl. To the west lies a green field full of beasts- the Weyr's feeding grounds. The infirmary weyr opens to the northeast, and the living caverns to the east.


Obvious exits:
Inner Caverns Guest Ledge INFirmary Living Caverns Center of Bowl Feeding Grounds Weyrling Training Field

Your location's current time: 21:24 on day 21, month 11, Turn 12, of the Interval. It is a autumn evening.

Beli sits crosslegged on the ground, a decent distance away so the gold needn't bend her neck to keep an eye on her. "...well, you know Sherri. All about the jewelry. Then Lesnof started in on the peppers, and I expect they'll be here before I'd like them to, but perhaps not, because Lorr hardly waits for their spirits to calm before he..." This running litany has probably been going on for awhile.

Lhiannonth watches the girl through half-lidded eyes that spin a lazy, amused blue. She's lounging, relaxed, her tail curved toward Beli, the tip just shy of touching her leg. The dragon is peaceful, serene, listening. Her rider is not. Josilina comes hurdling from the living caverns, sandals sliding a little as she hits the rocky ground. "Belior!" the anxiety of the moment brings forth that so little used (at least, by the aunts) name. "Faranth's big, golden - /what/ are you doing here?" If only every family reunion was this exciting.

Beli breaks off her monologue to turn, straight-backed and calm, toward her approaching relative. "Oh, hello, Aunt Josilina," she says, rather formally. "How wonderful to see you." She then turns back to Lhiannonth before answering the quesiton, "Well, I'm currently talking to your Lhia, but I do expect to be doing other things later on in the day, don't you? Your Lhia's looking quite well, you know. And Faranth -did- have a big golden, didn't she?" Enthralled, now.

"We're not talking about Faranth's big golden anything," Josilina cuts in, firm. "We're talking about you being in the middle of Igen when you -should- be at home with your parents." A look - a thought - passes over her face, leaving her eyes wide, "Your parents -do- know you're here, right Beli?" Then, as it occurs to her, "Wait, you're not here with Aunt Sria, are you?" She glances over her shoulder, as if expecting to see a massive brown she just happened to miss, "Because that'd be okay." Any other option? So not okay.

"Oh," says Beli, turning to regard her aunt. "You're displeased." There's a few moments before she expounds on that, as if reflecting. "Is this the -middle- of the Weyr? I rather thought that was," lifting one skinny arm toward the center bowl, and again pausing to think about it. "I suppose you would know much better than I would, Aunt Josi." Then, "Oh," as if just remembering, "I thought you knew I was coming to stay. Sherri and Lesnof think it quite appropriate for me to be exploring my outer boundaries. Aunt Sri knew I was coming." A little defensive, that last, but only a little.

Beli also procures a resident's knot from beneath the folds of one scarf. "I've this lovely bit of rope, as well, but I'm going to cleanse it before I put it on. I believe the last owner may have had a fondness for tripe."

"I'm not displeased," Josilina says. In the fashion of someone who is very much so, but trying to get it under control. "I'm concerned. Beli, you know you're not supposed to pull surprises like this on me. We agreed," and there's very nearly a hint of pleading in her tone. But as information comes out, slowly and blithely, it's all deep breaths and calming, "So they know? That's good - though I wish they would have - she /does/?" Less calm. Josilina shoots Lhiannonth a look; the gold rumbles, and one might not envy the brownrider on the receiving end of the rebuke that's clearly flying across the country this very moment. "Oh, so you spoke to the Headwoman? Instead of me?"

"Surprises are good for the soul," says Beli, uncrossing her legs only to cross them again, and giving Lhiannonth an inexplicable, knowing look. "Auntie, I thought you'd be busy, running the Weyr, having been foisted here against your will." What? It seems to make sense to her. "So why would you need to know? The Headwoman was quite nice, you know. Beautiful aura. And I've fourteen turns, Aunt Jos." Stern reminders don't really work coming from Beli's pale, wide-eyed face.

"Not mine," Josilina grumbles, only now starting to walk again, approaching the girl. "You're still my -niece-, and if you're at my Weyr," she barely fumbles over the possessive, but shoots a look toward the sandstone walls as if still unsure, "I should know that you're here." She seems to have calmed down; enough to reach out for an affectionate pigtail-tweak, "How did you get here? And why? I mean - are you really planning to stay, or are you just here for a visit? And Beli," she applies a little pressure to one of those 'tails to help guide her niece's face upwards so she can fix her with a serious look, "you know I'm not really here against my will, right? I don't even know where you'd get an idea like that."

Beli looks very intently back at Josilina, and says simply, "Your hairline is positively divine, you know."

After the gravid moment that statement deserves, she adds, "You -do- know I'm here. You've known all along, of course." Uh-huh. "Oh, someone was coming for a visit and dropped me off the other day. I'm living here, Jos!" With a teenage 'yeeeesh' gone unsaid. "Unless you don't want me to. Which I can understand, I mean, what with the sandworm. But I do think it is my time in life to be here." She sighs and looks out over the bowl. "Yes. Yes indeed."

"The..." Josilina begins and just doesn't finish, as happens so often with this one. As for hairlines? Well, a hand goes up to brush at her curls, but she's clearly trying to stay focused. "Beli," she tweaks one of those pigtails again - really, if they're there, they might as well serve a purpose - in an attempt to break the teen's reverie. "It's fine, of course, that you stay here. You know we've offered to let you come to 'Reaches before, so of course here is fine. But what are you going to -do-? I mean. What chores have you signed up for?" Concern pulls the corners of her mouth into a slight frown, "You've never lived in a Weyr before, honey. Or... around other people much, really," 'non-crazy people', says her tone, "I don't want you to get overwhelmed or anything."

Beli makes a face. A sort of, 'oh, my aunt is so silly' kind of face. "I feel I will do whatever is needed of me, in this life and the next." For Josi's benefit, she adds, "I've already done my assignments for today. You shouldn't worry so much, Auntie. Your forehead will get lines. I've been here two days, and you've not heard of any disasters, yes? Yes." She turns to the gold, "Lhia, won't you tell her."

"I'm glad," Josilina says, oh-so-dry in a way Beli most likely would recognize from a different aunt. "It won't get lines," she objects, one hand going up again, as if to smooth away signs of age and worry. "Fine, fine," she lifts her hands palm out in surrendor. "You're here. I'm glad - really, it'll be nice to have you. You're staying in the main dorms, then?"

"Mm-hmm." And: "It will. You watch. They'll be quite complementary." Belior smiles up at her aunt: "What do you think I ought to do, if the Headwoman asks? I feel a great affinity for the laundry. But," as if this is a matter of great contention, "I'm not normally friendly with records, however, I feel it may be a good place, here."

"They will not," Josilina snaps, without any real heat. "I mean. If it did, they would, but it won't - " she puffs out a breath in exasperation and then smiles. "Laundry. Well, I'm sure you can be set up there. So, tell me, what were you talking to Lhiannonth about?"

Beli grins, revealing a glimpse of the normal teenager beneath the eccentricities. "Whatever you like to believe, then." Something to live by. "Oh, this and that." She pauses, a moment. "It seems they understand, when they want to. A good way to go about things."

Josilina seems, if anything, a little relieved at that flash of a normal girl. "They do understand," she nods, glossing over the very last. "She says she's quite enjoyed listening to you," she adds, and the dragon puffs a lazy breath of air that just misses reaching the pair, stirring grit and dust on the ground. "Do you have clothes and everything?" the mother in Jos takes over again. "For the weather? Good sandals?"

"Oh, yes," replies Beli, matter-of-fact. "I'm quite prepared, being four turns older than your Jorel and also able to judge that I may, in fact, need clothes when I move to live somewhere new." Quite seriously put. "And Sherri gave me her sand bracelets. They'll be very useful."

Josilina takes the rebuke - for that's what it is, even if it's not how it's meant - with a wry smile, "Alright, that's good." Then her eyebrows go up, and she's an aunt again, crouching down beside her niece, "Sand bracelets?" she asks, with only a trace of trepidation.

"Mmmn," murmurs Beli, standing at last. Perhaps her neck was getting tired. "She traded them for our jam spread. She says they were worth four jars, but she got them for three." She stretches her thin limbs, perhaps appearing quite tall, for a moment. "They're her favorite, and made with sand, so I won't seem a threat." To who, or what, it's up to Josilina to ask - or resist asking. "But Aunt Jos. Do you like Igen?"

Josilina asks. Because how could she not? "What would you seem a threat to, Beli? You're not particularly - well, I mean, you're hardly a brawny guardsman." The question brings a look of surprise, and she presses her lips together, brief, "I like it alright, Beli. It's not home, but it's a nice place. Nice and warm, which Lhia likes. And they've wonderful spicey peppers."

Beli answers, "The sandworm." Naturally. With the same directness, "How's R'sel? Oh, have you cooked with them yet? The peppers."

"The sandworm," it's a bland echo, but oh-so-/full/ of question. Josilina pauses over the two questions, different yet mashed together, "R'sel's doing fine, Jorel, too. They visit often enough, I'm sure you'll see them. I'm sure they'd be glad to see you - you've not managed to see R'sel in a while, have you? And the peppers - " she shakes her head, "not yet, but I'm hoping to! Do you know any good recipes for them?"

"Yes, of course," Beli replies, then lowers her voice. "Perfectly understandable if you want to keep it hushed up." - "No, not for a little while. You miss him. Them." But 'him' is what she said first. Plowing onward: "Oh, I'm sure we could invent some very nice ones. Don't you think?"

"Keep what hushed up? /Beli/," Josilina suddenly turns stern, and she's all but wagging a finger, "don't you go telling people there's a sandworm, okay? Because there isn't. And I remember when you told Jorel there were tiny people living in the walls and he barely slept for two weeks. You can't go telling people things like that." - "Of course I do," she changes gears easily enough, "I miss both of them a lot. But I get to see them, and I know your Aunt Sria's keeping an eye on them while I'm gone." And that's definitely a 'them.' "I think we could, yes. That could be fun, if you'd like to."

"Well, it's not as though they were vicious! He completely overreacted to that, and when he came around, he was quite fond of the stories they had to tell." That she no doubt relayed. Chances are he was just fond of Beli's recounting of them. "They miss you too. Gaping holes all over." - "Oh, yes. I expect the kitchen - you know," she interrupts herself, "Aunt Sria said something about you never going into the kitchens at High Reaches. Was it because of the scrubber mites?"

"Well, then if the sand-worm is vicious," quite as if she were entertaining the notion, "shouldn't you not talk about it? Because then people really will be scared." The logic makes sense to Jos. "Gaping holes?" she can't help asking, though something in the slant of her mouth suggests she half-doesn't want to. "I'm not sure what - maybe?" she hazards. "They didn't think much of my cooking there, really. But they don't seem to have a problem with it, here. I don't know if that relates to - um, mites."

"Oh, I don't think she's vicious. But I will refrain from gathering a search party, if you wish." Beli doesn't address the holes, and nods understandingly, "Ah. I'm sure it was. You've a very sensitive spirit to these things, Aunt Jos, even if you're not aware of it." With an approving nod of certainty. All mysteries explained.

"That would be nice," Josilina says, sounding altogether unsure of herself. "What - " but she stops herself, and instead grins. "Do I?" she sounds, if anything, vaguely flattered, eyes crinkling with amusement. "That's awfully nice of you to say, Beli."

"Isn't it?" Belior seems to agree. "Especially for those who do not realize. Aunt Sri, for instance. She is very modest about her abilities. Lesnof, though." She clicks her tongue. "It's really too bad. He's an excellent study. Oh!" and her dramatic eyes are abruptly alight. "Sherri's been teaching me more of the hand readings. You must let me look at yours. But," she glances upward, "I do think it's nearly time for me to go inside. "Now that we're both here," quite as if Jos joined -her- party, "we'll have plenty of time. Don't you think?"

"Indeed," Josilina seems a little lost, after all that: and to be fair, it's been a long day, between the usual runnings of a Weyr, a visit from her son, discovering her niece, and plotting her sister's demise. She's swamped. "We will, I'm sure. Now, you know where I'm living, right? You can get there from the balcony above the living cavern. Come to me if you ever need, okay?"

Beli is enough to swamp anybody. And don't get her started on swamps. "I will, Aunt Jos. Watch out for those forehead lines." As if they'll be sneaking up behind her any moment now. "'Night." And she plants a kiss on her aunt's cheek, looks at her seriously for a moment, waves to Lhiannonth, and then skips off. Literally, skips.

Josilina watches her niece skip - skip! - off, a small smile on her face. She glances at Lhiannonth, looks puzzled, and then blows a kiss at the dragon, going inside.
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