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A Weyrwoman's Records
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Old Faces, New Locale 
21st-Sep-2007 10:30 pm [kassima]
What: Josilina runs into Kassima, new-transfered to Igen Weyr, and the two chat briefly about their new home.
Where: Igen Weyr Lake Shore
Who: Kassima, Josilina

Logfile from PernMUSH.

Igen Weyr Main Beach
This is one of the most popular sections of the Igen Bowl, and the reason can't really be mistaken. The lake to the north provides a refreshing change from the heat that characterizes the climate of this area. A small beach of pumice sand runs along the shore here, making it a nice spot to relax. The waters of the lake are a deep blue, reflecting perfectly the sheer cliffs to the north.

The lake looks inviting, and a smaller beach to the north provides a more isolated spot. Eastwards a large field leads towards a pass out of the Weyr, and heading southeast takes you across the center of the bowl. To the south lies the corral.

Archery Target

Obvious exits:
Lake Northern Beach Center Bowl Weyrling Field Feeding Grounds

Your location's current time: 13:34 on day 26, month 7, Turn 13, of the Interval. It is a summer afternoon.

Where would a recent import from the north spend her time given her druthers? If her name is either Kassima or Lysseth, the answer is here--deep in the water in the latter's case, swimming and drifting and admiring her own reflection. Kassi is somewhat less vain than her dragon and has chosen the beach, sitting tailor-style amidst a dozen pieces of leather and gut. Muttering under her breath at one of them; no matter how many Turns she's worked with straps, it's still a struggle.

Summer at Igen Weyr isn't the gentlest of seasons, which makes the shore by the lake all the more inviting. However, in the middle of the day, that invitation is a little double-edged: nice cool waters come hand-in-hand with the risk of sunburn. Which is probably why the Acting Weyrwoman has chosen to cover herself from head to toe with a burnoose-like creation of canary yellow, only instead of wearing the hood she's taken on a wide-brimmed hat decorated with blue ribbons instead. Go figure. She's squinting a little as she wanders onto the beach, looking around searchingly, and while she doesn't seem to find the object of her search, she does find something else - a green and her rider - and grins at the find, "Kassima! I was wondering when I'd run into you."

Kassima drops the bit of strap only too willingly, pushing her own battered sunhat back until she can see past its brim. "Oh, Weyrwoman, g'day--" The hat makes her salute look pretty silly. "I'm improving," the greenrider quips with a wry grin. "Remembered nay t'give duties t'Igen and her queens this time. Bloody hot down here, isn't it?"

Josilina brushes ribbons that trail to hang over the edge of the brim out of her face, "Please, just Josilina. We've spent enough time here and there for that, haven't we?" She approaches the greenrider and her straps, nodding as she does. "Ridiculously hot," up close, it's clear northern skin still hasn't entirely adapted to Igen heat, freckles and sunburn both blooming over her nose and cheeks. "And the sun's a beast." She glances out at the swimming green, "How's Lysseth liking it?"

"Just names are fine with me if'n you don't mind it. I like your--err--what you're wearing." Kassi nods to the burnoose. "Do the black gloves get hot? Shells, manners; please sit if'n you'd like to. I can nudge these leather bits away," and she starts tidying them into a haphazard pile. No freckles on her, but her nose and ears alike are red despite the hat. "She's always loved heat. Boll's been her favorite place since the first time she went, and still is, but she'll take this as everyday substitute. Nay *sleet* either, a particular thrill. What does Lhiannonth think?"

Josilina glances down at her hands, which are indeed glove-clad. "A bit. I was worried about getting my hands burned - saw someone else with a fearful sunburn on her palms." She tucks her hands back, mostly hiding them in her voluminous sleeves, "Oh, I won't sit - I don't want to bother, and I'm actually supposed to be looking for my niece." Nevertheless, she doesn't make any move to wander off - apparently socializing is okay in short spurts? "Lhiannonth likes the lack of snow, I think, but she's a little iffy on all the sand," and the way the redhead wrinkles her nose on that last word, it could be a shared sentiment. "Messy, you know, and gets all caught up around her talons. But she likes the heat. I think lots of dragons do, from what I've heard."

Kassima's fingers curl to try and cover her palms, and she studies them warily. "I hadn't thought of that. I can just imagine trying t'oil fire-lizards with burned hands." It seems a good time to tuck her hands under her folded legs. "Bother? Nay bother, any interruption from straps is welcome, and catching up more welcome yet. You have a niece here? Did Sria have a bairn? The sand," she agrees, "gets in the *food*. If'n you try t'eat it outside. Which, 'twill admit, was probably nay m'brightest notion ever. I like that 'tis nay humid, though, if'n it has t'be hot--I grew up at Greystones, and humidity's one thing I haven't missed about it at all."

Josilina throws up both her hands and her eyes - well, rolls her eyes, anyway - and heaves a sigh to boot. "Not yet! No, it's my brother's girl. She's about fifteen, showed up here not long after I did. A little young to strike out on her own, in my opinion, but," she shrugs. "My brother and his wife have really unique child-raising ideas." She pulls a face, tongue poking out just a bit, "I never eat outside if I can help it. Found some sand in my bedding the other day, don't even know how it got there. Nasty stuff." She nods, agreeing, "At least it's not humid, that's true. Though the dry gets to you a bit, too, I think. I'd give a lot for a mountain rain."

"That's a bit older than 'twas when I did the same. In retrospect," Kassi grins, "m'parents were crazy. Is it good t'have some family here? I guess it might depend on how close 'twere a'fore." The greenrider ducks her head so her amusement at that expression won't be quite so obvious. "I'm going t'have t'find a broom somewhere t'keep the weyr swept. The sand *breeds*. Mountain rain...." Her voice becomes wistful. "Aye. One could go up t'visit the mountains and see rain, but until the Thread stops again--it might be just the wrong time."

Josilina pulls a grimace, "It's true. I go to visit 'Reaches pretty often, but I always worry that when I'm gone, Thread will hit." As for her niece? "Beli's a good girl. A little," Josilina pauses, and apparently decides not to finish the thought. "It's nice to have her here. Speaking of which," she glances across the shore again, "I really do need to track her down. My mother sent a package for her with me - why she send it straight, I don't know, but." A shrug. Family. What can you do? "See you around, Kassima - we should smuggle some ice cream from up north together sometime and not share with the sand." She flashes the greenrider a grin, "Good luck with those straps."

Kassima nods agreement, half-grimacing herself. "A little," she repeats, but although her brows do a curious jump she leaves it alone otherwise. "Mayhaps 'twill meet her soon or late. There are so many people t'meet--intimidating, a bit, but exciting too--good luck with the finding, and the package." Watch the green eyes light up! "And ice cream, I am all for ice cream! Sometime. Definitely. G'day, and thankee for that, too. I'll need it, I always do."
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